Late in 2015 The Cottages marketing staff launched a contest asking our homeowners to write down “Why you love living at the Cottages”. We offered the top four entries cash donation prizes to the charity of their choice. The results are below, we hope you enjoy reading, we did!


Come home with us. We leave the highway on Road 22 where the big white Adirondack chairs invite us to The Cottages. We follow a winding road over the bridge, around Turtle Crossing, turn at the Haynes barn, past the wetlands and vineyards, across the cattle guard, uphill and down with cows staring at us from the fences, through the gates and we’re HOME!

There are three main reasons we love living at The Cottages: the setting, the people and our home. The setting is unsurpassed; a place of natural beauty and serenity overlooking the north end of Osoyoos Lake with its surrounding hills of grasses, sagebrush, rocky outcrops and vineyards. On our first visit my husband and I wandered along paths in the sunshine and across the sandy beach and were struck by the peaceful ‘country quiet’. The Cottages were delightful! They were craftsman-style homes with dormer windows, screened porches and patios. Many on the hill were walk-outs, but all were consistent in style, materials and cheery colour choices creating a cohesive and welcoming community. The landscaping throughout the property was well-planned with lawns, shrubs, rockwork and sections of native vegetation. We met at length with Van Maren, the developer, and with several of the homeowners that had lived there for over a year. After mulling for a few weeks we took the plunge!

It took nine months for our home to be built. The Van Maren team was professional and so helpful with decisions that needed to be made (often from Calgary). We made several custom changes to our design: our fireplace with hearth, built-in bookcases, and my husband’s office. Our wants were heard and taken care of both expertly and cheerfully. We have found that the staff, construction and maintenance people here enjoy what they do and do it well, and homeowners just love being here. That speaks volumes!

We love our home – It is beautiful inside and out! It’s the perfect size for us and yet accommodates visitors well. This past summer we had a revolving door of children and grandchildren coming and going. We enjoyed our screened porch for meals and visiting, swam in the lake or the pool, went boating, biking, hiking, ‘wine’ing, or made trips to town. Now we look forward to having our daughter’s family with us for Christmas.

Margie Brooksbank #95


Living in New Brunswick, we were looking for a place to retire that would suit our active lifestyle – and our main goal since we retired is to be outdoors! At the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert, Oliver has hot, sunny, dry summers, as well as desert vegetation and critters – all things that we love. So we decided to take a look. We first visited Lake Osoyoos in the autumn of 2013, and our first view of The Cottages was from the water. There it was – nestled among beautiful hills, vineyards and the lake.
We were hooked – it had everything we wanted – natural wilderness, a lake for fishing and a slip for the boat, great road cycling, beautiful scenery, and tranquility. That was what brought us back two years later and it has all of those attributes and more. The setting is simply stunning, the cycling is gorgeous and safe, there are wonderful hikes to explore, and there are fish just waiting to be hooked. But what we have discovered while building at The Cottages, is the wonderful community – a caring
“family” of homeowners, reminiscent for me of small towns in the Maritimes where I grew up. Moving and building present a multitude of challenges; but in just a short time, members of The Cottages community have embraced us with their thoughtfulness, assistance and friendship – both while we rented on-site and from a distance as we waited for our home to be built. That has been the unexpected pleasure in coming to The Cottages; something that is especially important for us, as we have uprooted and moved over 5,000 km to be here. It was the location and setting that brought us to The Cottages, but it is the vibrant and welcoming community that will keep us here.

Julie Porter #283


After doing all our homework and answering all the questions we had, we decided to build at Osoyoos Cottages. Was it a mistake no in fact it was probably one of the best decisions we have made. The community is inviting; the homes are beautifully done. The surrounding grounds are manicured to perfection. The lake is a short walk away to bask in the sun and just enjoy life. If the lake isn’t your style there’s an incredible facility with hot tubs, pools and a gym, not to mention a fabulous great room. It feels like a cruise ship on land but better. The drive in along the oxbow is breathtaking. Wild mustang horses run along the ridge above the cottage perimeter such a treat to see and rarely seen by many in this day and age. Sunsets, mountain views my camera can barely keep up with all of the spectacular shots that are presented daily, as ever changing light cascades over area. I love my new home and what’s even better is I have a sister who has purchased here as well as a daughter. It’s not just a community here, its family.

Rene Sutherland – #106


Why do we love the Osoyoos Cottages??

Our marriage has consisted of 5-year plans; each of which, through hard work and perseverance, has come to fruition.

The beginning of this past 5-year plan came with the dream of living in the South Okanagan. We realized that at the beginning of this particular plan with two children in University, working f/t and managing a large home as well as recreational property this would be no small feat.

Upon discovering the plan for The Cottages in an Air-Stream trailer and going 4x4ing with Eric to decide if this, in fact, was a possibility for our future, our dream appeared to be surreal.

Fortunately, this dream too, became a reality. We purchased property and moved June, 2012.

Since 2012 dreams have continued to be granted. We were fortunate enough to have our daughter marry her best friend in the park, next to the beach, August 2014. The ceremony was beautiful having many of our Cottage Owners present to witness this unity. Some even got involved in dressing up a Golf Cart, first to deliver the Bride to the park, and then redecorate it with cans and “Just Married” signs to drive them around. It was fantastic!

Our children have grown up vacationing in Osoyoos and now they call it “home”. Our future at The Cottages continues to flourish as we are now in the process of building a larger home which we will take possession of August 2016. At which time, yet another dream will have come true when we welcome our first Grandchild to our new home. Our Cottage Baby!

Truth be told, our life has evolved at The Cottages. We couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful community where everyone feels like family.

Randy & Liana Grill – #121 & #285


How you spell “Heaven on Earth”?

Wild horses racing across a golden eerily beautiful landscape, a pair of black swans dipping down for a brief rest, an eagle soaring high above as cattle wander, grazing the wetland meadows not far from the back door, encircled by red & and golden vineyards still wearing necklaces of delicate grapes destined for perfect ice wine.

The clouds of a hundred colors blaze brightly in a sunset sky, mirrored crystalline in a silver still lake, broken only by the distant single stroke of a late season kayaker.

Just as I realize I have been holding my breath, the doorbell rings and my sister pops in from across the street with still warm butter tarts made from our mothers long cherished family recipe. Time for Happy Hour! HEAVEN, I live here!

Cheers, Donna Fairhurst – #111 & 116


Retired me!! where did the time go? How could those four children have grown and now have their own children? What should we do now we don’t work every hour of the week? I know, let’s have an adventure, let’s move out of the city somewhere the weather is nice. Our friends and family thought we were crazy and they may have been right. So we looked for the perfect spot and one weekend two and a half years ago whilst camping in Osoyoos we stumbled upon The Cottages. There were
three show homes and the most beautiful lake front we had ever imagined. We didn’t waste any time, it just felt so right. We bought our lot and ordered our house. Yes, it really was that quick.

Today we have a lovely four bedrooms, four-bathroom home with beautiful views of the entire lake from both levels. The project has a huge clubhouse with swimming pools, hot tubs and a fully equipped gym. The great room has a cozy fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and plenty of room for a very big occasion. The beach area is large and has a swimming platform, there is a wharf area with boat slips which will be added to this next spring.

Did I say what would we do? How did we have time to work is the question. We have met the most amazing people who we now call friends. We have so much to do in the local community: pickle ball, curling, Tai Chi, great places to eat and many beautiful wineries to visit, hiking, fishing, boating, biking and much more. We now belong to a community where we have fun with our new friends, we organize pot-luck dinners, BBQ’s, bonfires on the beach and there always seems to be new activities planned.
Is the weather good? Better, it’s fantastic, spring and summer go on forever. We get very little rain, the sun always shines, even in winter, the sky is blue and it is beautiful.

What happened to the people who thought we were crazy? Well, I know where they are all summer, here!! Everybody loves to visit and now they think we’re really smart!!

Gordon and Christine Stokes


It was a few years ago when we first considered a retirement move to the Okanagan Valley from our home in Winnipeg. In our quest, we came across The Cottages website. Reasonably priced homes, in a desirable area right on Osoyoos Lake, it definitely peaked our interest. But, being set in our ways, loving our home, family and friends the thought of a big move to BC was overwhelming. So in typical fashion, we hemmed and hawed, revisiting the site from time to time and having those long drawn out “what if” conversations couples often do. Eventually we came to the conclusion a trip to experience things first-hand was needed. Quite frankly, it was more with a view to convincing ourselves it would not be “for us”.

Now how to describe our feelings when arriving at The Cottages? The website is great, but it doesn’t do full justice to what greets you as you drive through the impressive gated entrance. The stylish homes with their soft color pallets, beautifully landscaped grounds and the impressive community center make for an amazing sight.

Warmly welcomed by Jody and Ruth, we were provided a golf cart and encouraged to thoroughly explore the development and “talk to people”. We were taken by the genuine sense of pride and enthusiasm from workers, neighbors, everyone we met. We were already beginning to feel like part of a new family and a wonderful community!

After our short 4-day adventure, we knew this was the place for us! We met with Eric [the developer] on our last day, who made us feel even more confident with our decision. In short order, we were new home owners! We are thrilled and counting the days to begin our new life adventure at The Cottages!

Geoff & Nicole Bell #27


Please let me begin by this…

The more than life-size Cottage Chairs along the highway from Abbotsford to Trail had peaked our interest a couple of years ago. To this day, the charming and quaint community has captured our hearts. The project managers, the sales staff and the people that fill this community have made it a reality to a lifelong dream for us and I am sure for most living on these incredible and breathtaking grounds. We have everything we need here and more. The sandy beach, the gorgeous pools and hot-tubs, the clubhouse and volleyball courts are just a few to mention! The wildlife and nature is picturesque in this development and you can walk along the beautiful paths and enjoy every day! The bonding through The Cottages Owners and the new friendships that we make here are ones that we know will be everlasting as we are all in quest of the same happy and carefree lifestyle that we have moved here for. When my husband and I sit on our deck, or our new beautiful sunroom, or just simply just walking the path, we sometimes have to pinch ourselves to see if this is all a dream! A legacy to leave for our children and grandchildren with pride… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Tina and Ray Bozzer


What drew us to The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake was the great big white Adirondack Chair! As it represented childhood memories with family and friends curling up in that chair to share the events of your day, play a game, or to relax and enjoy where you were in the moment what a wonderful memory forty some years later! Driving in to The Cottages yes down Radio Tower Road was the most beautiful adventure! From the heritage old homestead to the cows the horses and the magnificent nests of the Osprey was beyond our wildest imaginings! Taking this pastoral view of the vineyards, the oxbows, seeing the lake in front of us seemed so like a dream come true as we came in we saw the most beautiful cottages! In front the lake and all that this beautiful place in the making had to offer us! I knew as soon as I walked into the first cottage and I looked up saw the planking and how this cottage was put together and looked out the windows!! One could only imagine where we were about to walk into our new journey down the highway of life that brought us to our new home! I felt within my heart the inner peace and all that this tranquil piece of property had to offer us! You could see and feel the ideas, the vision, the trust, and the talent of what went into create this beautiful community we share with so many and what we call home. We feel so blessed to have our home at The Cottages every day on our way in or on our way out taking in the most beautiful and peaceful views we pinch ourselves and tell each other we are living our life on a Rainbow. Where we get to enjoy our new friends and neighbors! Where it maybe in our Stelkia Community Centre! Walk along the beach or one of our many walking paths enjoying what Mother Nature is offering us and not to forget a nice walk up the staircase to heaven and you do have to say, What a Wonderful World! Where our kids and our grandchildren can share and take part in all the amenities and create their own childhood memories that I had enjoyed so many years ago. Today what was a vision of a wonderful developer it became reality, a dream come true! Coming together is a beginning! Keeping together is progress working! Together is Success! Where there really are Rainbows!

Fred and Barb Ingaldson – # 125


Why We Love the Cottages on Osoyoos Lake

We could have chosen almost anywhere to spend our long-awaited leisure years, but The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake offers everything we could ask for and more. Of course the draw of lake-front living in the midst of spectacular world-renowned BC wine country was right at the top of the “pros” list when we visited for the first time, but that turned out to be just one of the many reasons to love this place.
The beauty of the area is striking and the well-designed layout of the development, with its quaint but high-quality homes dotted throughout, adds to the appeal. What really convinced us that this could be our dream home for the rest of our lives is the sense of community and belonging. We always knew we wanted to move out of the Lower Mainland to capitalize on our real estate value and enjoy a slower pace, but had serious reservations about moving to a small town and missing the conveniences of city life or feeling isolated. The Cottages gives us the best of both worlds – we are able to build our customized house to suit everything we want to do now and in the future – a high-tech home office eases us into semi-retirement without sacrificing worldwide connectivity, proximity by car or air to anywhere for business or pleasure and of course day-to-day living in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. Not only are friends and family only a few hours away, but they are lined up to come and stay and visit.

Treated like family and welcomed as members of this community from day one, we look forward to spending the next phase of our lives with this wonderful group of people as our neighbours and friends. Everything we need or want is right here!

Justine Estey-Jones & Dan Estey – #169


We’re city people and didn’t really believe locals who told us that there was lots to do in the area. To our great enjoyment we find we’re wrong. We walk, our Grandchildren bike, the Kettle Valley trail following lakes and fascinating geological creations just minutes from our community, we can go for miles. There are many wonderful hiking areas allowing for all levels of hiking abilities. In the Winter skiing and snowshoeing is available without the crowds in the coast mountains. We had no idea we’d see so many different birds in the Oxbows and the Protected Nature area and we love to watch the nesting Ospreys with their young. During the Summer we seriously explore the wonderful farmer’s markets, Penticton’s Market, covering several street blocks, can be a full day experience. Osoyoos has the quirkiest Hardware Store in B.C., it is possible to spend a full morning exploring the merchandise and if you can’t find what you want the friendly staff will find it for you, they sell everything.

There are so many wineries to explore not only for the interesting and award winning wines but beautiful locations. Sharing time with friends sitting on a terrace overlooking a lake and sipping a glass of wine. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

P.A. Fitzgerald


If anyone would have told me three years ago that I would be moving to a different province and a brand new development on a piece of land previously nothing but sand, rocks, and scrub brush on the north side of Lake Osoyoos, I would have said they were out of their minds. Low and behold, that is exactly what happened in August of 2015.

That development on the piece of land I described has since become the base where we have begun to grow the roots of the next chapter of our lives called retirement. When we first moved in, we felt a little displaced and it took a while to get that feeling of “home” to settle into our psyche. We moved far away from family, but found that they were eager and excited to visit and they loved it here on the grounds, taking in all the development had to offer. After they left, we knew we made the right decision. The roots had begun to take hold and grow.

We know life is short and to be able to live in a spot on earth where the weather is beautiful most of the year, for even a few years truly means that you have lived well. The way The Cottages are laid out is in a format that is both inviting and comfortable, and invokes a feeling of friendliness. We have met other folks here who are permanent residents as well as folks who are renting for different time periods. Everyone is open and earnestly welcoming. We feel we are truly home now.

Anna and Robert Bednarz – #99


As a baby boomer, I had my introduction to the Okanagan area in the late 1950’s early 1960’s. My father was a golfer, so we split our vacations between Kelowna, with the Ogopogo golf tournament and Osoyoos. As kids we loved Osoyoos being a small town which meant we were allowed to go to the Dairy Queen on our own, and even venture beyond to the downtown core. We were fortunate enough to have a boat, a 16 footer with 30 H.P. One of a handful of power boats on the lake at that time. I remember the tourists and locals being incredibly friendly. Having moved to Vancouver Island we rarely visited the Okanagan. Then fast forward to 2009 returning from a trip to the Kootenays we stayed a few nights in Osoyoos and the memories returned. Over the next several years we returned to the Okanagan area and started to look into purchasing a vacation home. We completed on our new home in early August and spent 3 weeks there enjoying our new cottage, meeting new neighbours and realizing our boat is now one of hundreds on the lake, also realizing a lot has not changed, it still brings me back to the vacations as a child. We unfortunately did not spend as much time as we would have liked in Osoyoos this summer, primarily due to the forest fires in Washington State. The Cottages have literally answered what we were looking for.

We love all the amenities from the swimming pool and hot tubs, the gym, to the clubhouse. Our main draw was of course the lake for the swimming and kayaking.

We just love our little yellow cottage by the lake.

We look forward to many adventures at The Cottages, and sharing our cottage with our kids, grand-kids, and friends.

Susan & Richard Child


Our affair with The Cottages began on a sunny April morning several years ago as Sharon and I made our way along a winding country road past a sea of vineyards, herds of cattle by the roadside and several ponies at full gallop. Radio Tower Road proved to be a challenge, whatever, we were smitten with the pastoral beauty of the area and continued on to the site now known as “The Cottages “. As I recall, a lone Adirondack chair stood guard at the water’s edge, while numerous small boats crossed the lake. The silence was overwhelming…we had found Arcadia.

The Cottages site has since been transformed to an enclave with creative architecture and masterful, extensive landscaping. Similarly, one has to marvel at the common amenities: clubhouse with swimming pools, beach, marina, walking paths and dog runs. All owners share a love for what has been created. This love is not trivial or superficial; it is real and clearly evident at The Cottages. Sharon and I share this affection and recognize its importance to the community. The developers have created a magic place on Osoyoos Lake which has captured the attention of an international audience.

An integral part of the alchemy that prevails at The Cottages is the developer, Eric Van Maren, and his cadre of talented employees. Eric’s management style is both interactive and democratic. In my view he is more than partly responsible for the sense of community that has grown and developed at The Cottages. This aspect of The Cottages project is remarkable. His reaction to community issues and initiatives and his positive action deserves strong commendation. His personal touch is indelible, it is this part of The Cottages story that holds strong currency for Sharon and me.

Paul M. McMullen, #213


We are in the early stages of planning our house at The Cottages and are very excited to continue that process over the next few months. When we first visited The Cottages we felt welcome and really enjoyed the relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. We have visited the Osoyoos area several times the last few years and we and our family are looking forward to spent even more time in this beautiful part of B.C. Looking very much forward to see our house completed next fall.

Keld & Vee Jensen


Imagine this, you are sitting on your deck looking at the majestic mountains to the southwest and the reflection in Lake Osoyoos, listening to the birds calling, enjoying your freshly brewed cup of coffee and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. As the sun rises, the temperature goes up and the scent of the lavender starts to fill the air. You are talking with your spouse about what you will be doing later that day. Neighbours walk by and you start to make plans together to meet on the beach and who will be bring what water gear, eats and beverages. Wait, if you lived at The Cottages, you would be experiencing this, not imagining it.

There are many reasons I love it here. The people who have chosen to live here are warm and approachable, we have made many new friends and our community is starting to take roots. The Community Centre is the heartbeat of The Cottages and we have already created many memories. The lake is incredible, the pools and hot tubs are spectacular and the views are stunning. In the evenings, we have great fun around the bonfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

I haven’t mentioned all of the other activities that the area has to offer such as wine tasting, extracurricular sports in both Osoyoos and Oliver, snow shoeing and cross country skiing nearby.

We find the area to be very peaceful and serene. At night, the stars are so bright and it is so quiet that the crickets can be heard. What a wonderful way to fall asleep, stress free and relaxed. Our children, grandchildren and friends are constantly talking about their next visit to The Cottages.

Ray Bozzer – #224


When we first visited the area over 3 years ago, the first word that described this geographically beautiful area was “magical” (charming, extraordinary and enchanting – all in one). It was so outstanding, we found it hard to believe that an area such as this even existed in British Columbia. It felt right. It felt like “home”. There is something very special about the beauty, the serenity, the wildlife, being surrounded by vineyards, the summer warmth, and the gorgeous and calming lake. Then of course there is the development site, amenities and the structural soundness of our home. State of the art design that “we” had input into, from the start of the build to the finish of the build and excellent service all the way through from the Developer and team. A New Home warranty protection tops it off. But, let’s get back to the “magic”. The amenities on site are outstanding, with a clubhouse that is actually used by the residents and their guests. A beautiful pool area (accommodating adults and children) and two hot-tubs (one for year round use), a gym and a great room used regularly for social activities. A gated community lends community safety in mind, and many residents and guests walk, bike, run in the area, along the beach, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The residents make a concerted effort to “be inclusive” and work together, with social activities planned regularly and a Council that encourages residents for input. Today, it’s hard to find beauty, safety, serenity and everything you want all in one package. We found it here, and after first laying “eyes” on this place over 3 years ago, it is still magical, and we love it!

Name withheld by request.


Where do I begin, there is so many wonderful and amazing aspects to living here! We are so thankful that our search for a home in the Sunny Okanagan, lead us to discover what those “Big White Chairs” were all about. From the first visit, we knew this would be an amazing opportunity to own a home in a beautiful lakefront community. We were impressed with what we saw from the beginning so it was easy to make the decision to build a large home that would fit our visiting family and friends.

We love the Clubhouse facilities, as do our children and grandchildren. We have all spent many hours enjoying the pools and hot tubs. The Fitness room is awesome as is the Great Room which is well suited to family and community functions. Our family also loves relaxing on the beach, playing in the lake and soaking up the sun. There is so much to enjoy here without ever leaving the site.

With the roadways and connecting pathways throughout the development, everything we love is just a short walk away. Since it is easy to get around by walking, biking and even by golf cart, there are many opportunities to meet our growing number of neighbors as everyone enjoys being out in the neighbourhood.

One of the things we love most about living here is the sense of community and the friendships that have been developed among the homeowners. There is strong commitment by many to plan and encourage everyone to participate in all aspects of enjoying this amazing community and its fabulous amenities.

Thank you to everyone involved in building this place we proudly call home, “The Cottages” on Osoyoos Lake!

Ruth and Leith Walton – #206


It was love at first sight. We fell in love with The Cottages the moment we set eyes on them. We were one of the first ones purchasing our home here and never looked back. It was so exciting watching our beautiful home being built. We happily moved here in July 2013.

Once here, we immediately made great friends. This amazing community of wonderful neighbours is second to none, and I know what I am talking about. Sadly, in May of 2014, my beloved husband passed away unexpectedly. My world seemed to fall apart. I felt so lost… but then I found many true friends here. I could not walk down the street without being asked how I was coping, getting big hugs, being invited to come in for coffee, wine, dinner, or just plain good company. My good friends here came through for me. They even gave me a bench for my front porch in memory of my husband. I was so touched!

So, apart from the obvious – swimming in the beautiful lake, hiking local mountains, sipping wine from surrounding wineries, having a camp fire on the gorgeous beach, taking the boat out from the wonderful marina, having fun at the stunning clubhouse with pools, hot tubs, gym, the great party room (!), playing with the kids in the meadow greens, or just going for a walk first thing in the morning or at one of those amazing sun sets (did I mention the absolutely gorgeous weather??) – I love it here most, because of this welcoming community, I am now part of. So, when you come this way, please stop by The Cottages. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, and I bet, you won’t ever want to leave! I feel truly blessed to be living here.

Anke Cantzler-Kramer – #228


It was one of those rare days at work; the crews had all been sent out to their jobs, the boss and mechanics were having a quiet conversation in his office and my work was all caught up. The winter day was a cold and grey one so what better to do than surf the net for a condo in a warm location. My husband was less than a year away from his retirement day so the search was on. In my search, this little add for The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake popped up so I thought I would check it out.

I was totally blown away by what I saw on The Cottages web site. Could it be true? Our own house, pools, private beach and so much more AND we wouldn’t have to mow the lawn again! These visions suddenly popped into my head of our grandchildren running into the house and telling us they are off to the beach with the new friends they had just met; my husband and me sipping wine and visiting with family and friends on our deck; hot, hot days on the beach. This had to be the place we could retire to and start the next chapter in our lives…

So here we are, 18 months later. Our life at The Cottages has been this amazing new adventure. Kayaking in the oxbows, checking out the wineries, exploring the southern BC interior, enjoying the many local community events as well as all of The Cottages events. The best part of living here are the neighbors who have become dear friends. We have a wonderful community surrounded by paradise. We are indeed blessed. And, yes, the visions have come true!

Jackie Wittchen – #124


A move to British Columbia had been on our bucket list for a very long time. We spent our holidays there often, visiting many different areas of the province, but just never found a place that we totally fell in love with, a place that we could truly call home. However, that feeling all changed when we first visited Osoyoos Cottages. The breathtaking scenery pulled at our heart strings and we realized that it was possible to awake to this phenomenon every single day for the rest of our lives. We could envision making our home here, bordering on Lake Osoyoos, engulfed by the legendary Okanagan sun and not having to endure another frigid, snow-packed prairie winter. As much as we tried to talk ourselves out of this move, we were caught – hook, line and sinker.

The staff in the sales office and the residents that we met, on our very first visit, are certainly great examples of how friendly and caring this vibrant community is. Everyone here welcomes you with open arms, making it obvious that you are an important addition to The Cottages.

We love the challenge of planning each and every day, selecting from the enormous repertoire of activities available within and around this beautiful community. It is simply awesome to be able to relax on your deck overlooking the lake and watch the stunning sunrise or sunset, to work out in the fitness center or visit with friends in our fabulous clubhouse, to go for a hike or a bike ride, to swim in the pool or lake, to visit a winery, or to just gaze at the fantastic landscaping and vista surrounding this surreal community.

We are in love with The Cottages and are so thankful for everything it has to offer.

Faye and Dave Smith – #185


In October 2014, we headed out in our camper with the intention of touring through the Okanagan looking for our dream retirement home and then ending up in Oliver to attend the Festival of the Grape. Along the way we kept noticing large white Adirondack chairs advertising a place called Osoyoos Cottages.

After reaching Oliver with a few hours to spare we decided to contact The Cottages and were invited to come by and check them out. When we arrived it could only be described as love at first sight, a truly breath-taking development.
We spent the next three days returning to The Cottages and our appreciation for the property and the people that we met grew stronger with each day. We knew then that this was where we would be happy, this was the place we wanted to call home.

We did not plan to make the move for another four years but in the spring of 2015, after being consumed daily with the thought and desire of living at The Cottages, we made the decision to purchase.

Eric Van Maren and his team made the journey of purchasing and designing our dream home a very easy and pleasant experience.

We sold our house in Squamish and are currently renting a lovely home at The Cottages, giving us a great opportunity to watch our own home being built.

We have only been living here since November but we are very excited to start enjoying everything The Cottages has to offer and participating in the community activities that everyone is welcome to join in on.

We just could never imagine living anywhere else and look forward to spending the rest of our lives in our new found paradise!

Al and Irene Carrigan


Our Dream Community

My husband and I have been searching for that “perfect spot” to retire. At the top of our list was to be close to family. For this reason and the economic downturn, we decided Canada was the best option. The value of the dollar also helped our decision. A recreational area was the perfect fit and a draw for family and friends.

A sense of community was very important, as we are moving out of province. We are both actively involved in our community and we want to be socially active in retirement. The Cottages were perfect! The beautiful lake, the clubhouse with the gym, pool, hot tub, social club and of course “the wineries” is exciting. There is Tai Chi offered there and have already met the teacher. We spent a week on the development in September and met many wonderful people with similar interests. In Oliver, we checked out the curling rink and old timer hockey for my husband and the church and choir for me. We can’t wait to get involved!

Health care and maintaining good health is important. There is a hospital close to the development and we talked to others who received great care there. Activity is bountiful with the walking and cycling paths and water sports. Did you know that three times around the development including the stairs gives you your 10,000 steps for the day!! Eating local food will aid to this goal and there are plenty of fruit and veggie stands.

Shelley Collins – #186


The Cottages at Osoyoos… where to begin:

We were first taken with the scenic, desert landscape, similar to that of Arizona, complete with colored rock but with picturesque mountains flowing down to Lake Osoyoos. The backyard is an adaptation of Tuscany, with the Burrowing Owl vineyards enveloping the area. What better place to wake up every morning?!

Situated evenly between the towns of Osoyoos and Oliver, it is a secluded sanctuary with amenities very close. Brand named retail outlets, medical facilities and, of course, numerous wineries are easily accessible. Want to take a trip across the USA border? You’re a 15-minute drive down the road. And, if you just want to stay in your own neighborhood and relax, The Cottages offer an array of attractions, including the man-made beach and a fantastic community center complete with swimming pools, hot tubs, a state-of-the-art work out facility, exceptionally clean change rooms and a rec room to host owner events.

What makes The Cottages most attractive is the people. From the staff to the owners, everyone is friendly and willing to welcome you to this “little oasis in the heart of BC”. Each home is based on a “cottage style” design; however, no two are really the same. The grounds are maintenance free and professionally kept. It’s a beautiful, small community of like-minded people which attracted us as we approach retirement.

All this… and we haven’t even moved in yet! This dream will be a reality in a few months and we truly can’t wait. From our very first visit, we knew we were home!

Blaine & Wendy Titterington – #284


Currently we are awaiting possession of our house so I will explain why we chose Osoyoos Cottages for our future home.

Angela and I have been searching for a few years now on locations to retire in. There was never a question as to what province it would be because we love British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. The question was where?

After much research and some tire kicking on different properties, we found online information on Osoyoos Cottages and were immediately intrigued by the development. We had reservations initially about the 99-year lease, but with research, legal reassurance, and the infancy of the leasehold, our decision was closer to being made.

In the fall of 2014, we stopped in Osoyoos on our way back from the US specifically to view the Osoyoos Cottage development. Our dream location would have the following: Sun, community atmosphere, lake view (but not lakefront), Southwest facing big back deck overlooking water, boat access, golf courses, fruit and vineyards.

As soon as we arrived at The Cottages, we were floored by the location of the development and the immediate sense of community. As we drove through the development and on our way to the sales center everyone had smiles on their faces and everyone looked content.

I am a tradesman myself with 25 years of experience in the Plumbing Industry in Alberta, and I was impressed with the quality of construction within these cottage homes. Thanks to the many trades people working on our home, and thank you for your professionalism in the meetings we have had! Geothermal heating is also an added bonus in the construction.

Normally, I have great reservations in making big decisions such as this, and almost always we never end up pulling the trigger, or regretted our decision later (Angela can attest to this). Osoyoos Cottages, and the town of Osoyoos, fit our dream home to a tee, and the decision to buy was a no brainer.

This summer we were able to camp in the nearby NKmip campground and enjoy many of the amenities that Osoyoos and area has to offer. The lake is beautiful and warm, the atmosphere and friendly people at The Cottages were refreshing. Our youngest son Cody (15 years) loved the pool and is all ready to lay claim to his bedroom. He would like to move right now and finish his high school in Osoyoos if we would let him.

From our home in Red Deer, Alberta, we have been able to watch our home being built on the “live camera” and we have watched the progress daily. We are very excited for our possession in July and cannot wait to enjoy our future in Osoyoos.

Thank-you to Eric, Cindy, Jody (our future neighbor), and all of your team of trades for making our dream come true.

Jim, Angela, Connor, and Cody Pollard


My husband and I are in the process of buying our retirement home at The Cottages and we are really looking forward to moving to a community that can take a person back in time to when you really knew everyone’s name and you cared for and about your neighbors.

In August 2016 we spent several weeks in B.C. on a holiday/house search in the Okanagan looking for our new retirement home and could not find what we wanted until we discovered The Cottages. It was an ‘aha’ moment for us both. Seeing the development, that centers around a community gathering center much like the town squares of yesteryear, tucked between the vineyards and the sparkling lake, mountains in the distance, colorful cottages reminding one of a small fishing village in Newfoundland, residents walking and talking with each other, gave one a sense of seeing all of Canada encapsulated in one small community.

The Cottages reminds me so much of my beloved Italy and the Tuscany region I am from. The vineyards, orchards, climate and the tranquility of the area provides a wonderful setting for The Cottages where people from all over Canada, with different backgrounds, races, ethnicity can all enjoy each other’s company. The fact that The Cottages are situated on native land demonstrates that two cultures can live and work together in harmony.

My family vacationed in this area when I was a child and my husband and I brought our children here for family camping reunions and it’s like coming home. Our home in The Cottages will also provide a wonderful legacy for our children and hopefully future grandchildren and the rest of our extended family. A place they can come home to and grow old like us surrounded by a community of friends and neighbors.

Roberta and Tim Alder