Consideration for the Environment

The Developer has taken the following steps to minimize the impact of this project on the environment:.

  1. The South Okanagan semi-desert environment will be protected and enhanced on 10.1 acres of the site. This represents 14% of the total site area.
  2. 2.6 acres of the Lakefront Riparian Area will be protected and enhanced. This represents 57.8% of the lakefront riparian area. The remaining 1.1 acres (500’ wide x 100’ deep) is a clean sandy beach with a gentle south-facing slope to the lake.
  3. Approximately 26 acres will be open space and landscaped with drought-resistant eco-turf and plants suited for the South Okanagan.
  4. Two wildlife corridors are maintained through the site, complete with open-bottom culverts under the roads, enabling indigenous species to access the lake.
  5. Total green space amounts to 39.8 acres, which equates to approximately 54% of the total site.
  6. A state-of-the art wastewater treatment system will be installed, resulting in Class-A effluent meeting the highest standards of all the regulators.
  7. Wastewater will be re-used for subterranean landscape irrigation, significantly reducing the amount of water that is withdrawn from the ground.
  8. All homes will be heated and cooled with a closed loop geo-thermal heat-pump, resulting in a significant reduction in overall energy consumption and reduced green-house gas emissions.
  9. Homes will be insulated well above building code requirements – R-40 (12” thick batts) in the ceilings, and R-20 (6” thick batts) in the exterior walls. This will significantly reduce energy consumption. We will be testing all of the homes to determine their EnerGuide Rating and so far, all homes have tested in the range of 83 – 85 which is considered “Excellent” for new homes.
  10. Smart thermostats will be installed, enabling weekend and night set-back, and remote monitoring and adjustment via the internet.
  11. The developer will be installing LED streetlights, which use much less energy than conventional streetlights.